Valley Mill stock Material Girls Products

Dec 23 2015
Valley Mill

Material Girls have created 10 ‘Nadolig Llawen’ handmade bunting for Valley Mill!

Valley Mill make a wide range of natural home ware products including Soy Candles, Natural Soaps, Hard Wood Chopping Boards & a wide range of welsh slate products using a combination of hand crafting technique’s.   All design work is carried out internally and all products are hand made using materials from Wales.

Valley Mill also sell various other high quality products from other like minded manufacturers in Wales.

Holly Aspey, Social Enterprise and Marketing Coordinator says:”This is a huge success for Material Girls and enables volunteers to showcase their work and celebrate the skills that they have learned over the past few months.”

Valley Mill posted on their Facebook: “Thanks so much to Port Talbot & Afan Women’s Aid – The lovely ladies there have handmade some gorgeous rustic Nadolig Llawen bunting, which is taking pride of place in our shop window!”

Material Girls create handmade personalised bunting throughout the year – Contact Holly on / 01639 894864 to place an order

Valley Mill


Vivienne Westwood and the Punk Movement by Hannah Morgan

Oct 01 2015

Punk rock, we all have gone through this phase or are still totally in love with this look! Tartan, loud colours and big hair! Westwood made this look effortless! Vivienne Westwood is known as one of the more rebellious fashionistas around and still to this day is making amazing pieces which those who are daring enough, are drooling over!
Born on April 8, 1941, in Derbyshire, Vivienne Westwood started life as a daughter of a cobbler and a cotton mill worker. She began teacher training at the age of 17 and was married to Derek Westwood with whom they had a son together. Unfortunately their marriage failed and Westwood moved on to find she was love-struck with the manager of the Sex Pistols, Malcolm Mclaren. She went on to having a second son with Mclaren and eventually opening a boutique in London!
Westwood not only had numerous opportunities to dress the Sex Pistols but once the punk trend frazzled out she upped her game and was becoming an amazing designer who covered many different trends.

Here is an example of Westwood’s recent work from her Autumn/Winter 2014 show. As you can see, Westwood uses many prints and colours together which can sometimes be looked at as unconventional or rebellious. I think that is what’s so great about Westwood’s designs, they always reflect back to the punk rock, rebellious time! Her designs are always a bit wacky but they just work!




5 Steps to Building Confidence by Hannah Morgan

Oct 01 2015

1. Smile
I know it probably sounds cliché, but smiling has actually been scientifically proven to uplift your mood and make you feel more confident. Smiling is also known to be contagious, so if you start smiling more, the people around you will too! Positivity  will float all around you! Say cheese!
2. Love yourself
You need to learn to love yourself. Start by making a list of things you like about yourself (in your head or on a piece of paper). For example, you might have amazing eyes or be able to sing even better than Beyoncé! Write it down and spread some self-appreciative loving!
3. Meet new people – at the weekly workshops
Be open to socialise more often! Staying in by yourself day to day probably isn’t helping your confidence. Maybe you could organise to meet your friends for a coffee or have a baby play date in the park? If neither of these floats your boat, why not come down to Port Talbot’s Women’s Aid office? You can meet the team and the amazing women involved in the charity! You may even consider volunteering for us?!
4. Try something new – whether it’s a new hairstyle, Mexican food or even a new hobby
Learning something new or getting out of your comfort zone is a huge confidence boost! Maybe kayaking is for you? How about archery? What about sewing at the weekly workshops right here in Port Talbot? It’s a great skill and you’ll definitely use it in the future!
5. Be around positive people
Most of all, surround yourself with happy people and cut out the negativity! If one of your “friends” constantly gossips about you, get rid!! Only involve yourself with people who make you smile and appreciate everything you do!

If you are considering to volunteer for PTAWA you can contact our Social Enterprise and Marketing Coordinator, Holly Aspey, on 01639 894864 or
Sewing workshops are held every Wednesday 10-2pm at 1st Floor Commercial Buildings, Beverly Street, Port Talbot, SA13 1DY.


Launch of Willow Girls Project!

Sep 30 2015
Willow Girls

Today was the launch of our NEW Willow Girls Project!

We received funding from Neath Port Talbot CVS’s Youth Fund, to start up a project to create or support volunteering opportunities for young people (aged 14 – 25) in the Neath Port Talbot area which would benefit their local community.

Today we met up with 15 young student volunteers from NPTC Group’s Neath and Afan Campus to teach them how to willow weave with a professional tutor from Out to learn willow

These students volunteered 3 hours each to learn how to willow weave products for us to sell and fundraise for Port Talbot and Afan Women’s Aid.

We will be holding weekly lunch time sessions for these students to volunteer their time to create willow weaved products for us to sell online and at events to raise money for PTAWA to continue supporting families affected by Domestic Abuse.

Willow Girls








Willow Girls

The Rise of Retro by Emily John

Sep 20 2015

Vintage is a retro revolution.
So what about it do we love so much?
From clothing to funky house ornaments, to furnishing and accessories, we all appreciate a vintage time lapse.
Vintage isn’t the second hand sofa you bought because it was all you could afford. Vintage is the second hand sofa you restored, with the old fashioned twist and distressed material, recreating your home with a retro character.
Yet, vintage doesn’t have to be second hand or shoddy. Vintage can be the old Pokka dot ribbon you fashioned into a hair tie. And this is exactly what people enjoy so much about the retro look- anyone can pull it off. Vintage isn’t expensive, vintage is recreation that sees no limit.
The 50’s style is an example of a vintage obsession. It represents a woman’s fixation of body shape. The style allows confidence, showing curves in a big skirt, or complexion in a long red dress. Woman tend to feel better in a style that represents them.
Vintage is about developing an eye to spot something that’s right for YOU.
So how can anyone ever hate vintage? A style that removes all boundaries? A style that can mould to any fashion? A style that ANYONE can create?
Though the excitement towards vintage will inevitably burst, vintage will always be here-because how can we stop loving these beautiful old things?